Agile Team Coaching

Agile Team Coaching

Agile-ity Inc provides Scrum teams with expert coaching and guidance onsite at the start, when both the organization and the team likely has many concerns about adopting a radically new way of working. Your team will extend their existing capabilities using actual Scrum artifacts via execution of Scrum events. Meanwhile, through focused onsite training and coaching, we accelerate their software delivery speed, increase your quality andreduce your time-to-market. We help your team understand the value of empirical practices to make it easier to replace command and control work habits. Our coaches will help your Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Delivery Team understand and execute their roles.


Our Scrum Team Catalyst Coaching provides you with key Agile tools, frameworks and best practices that will simplify your work process and improve your productivity. The key topics of our Catalyst Coaching are:

  • Scrum Foundations Training
  • Pre-sprint preparation
  • User story workshop
  • Definition of Done
  • Team working agreement
  • Product Backlog preparation and prioritization
  • Preparing the team environments
  • Sprint planning and task estimation
  • Empirical learning
  • Post-engagement Agile Maturity Assessment evaluation

Coaching Schedule

Our Agile coaches work with your Product Owner and Scrum Master to create your Product Backlog for an actual project. If your team has already created a Product Backlog, we will review it with your team to make sure that the User Stories are of a reasonable size to be completed in one sprint. Finally, we draft and agree on an engagement schedule that works for you and your team.
We train the team on Scrum foundations and reinforce it with onsite coaching. Your team will begin working the Product Backlog and plan their first sprint. We observer their work and empower them with proven best practices, such as user stories, test driven development and the sprint burn-down.
New teams will have numerous doubts at this phase and that is typical. We support the team and Scrum Master with remote coaching as needed to keep them on track.
Our coaches are back on site to help the team retrospect and learn from their first sprint. We use two key events to make team experiences and impediments more transparent. First is the Sprint Review. This is where the team demonstrates the product backlog increment that currently meets the definition of done. It’ll not be a fully complete application, but it will the functionality developed in this sprint will integrate with any previous sprints and will execute error free. Next, the team will reflect on what they did, how they did it, and what they’d change about the process. This is called the Sprint Retrospective, and it helps your team improve one step more. Along with looking for improvement ideas, we will also survey the team to understand how they feel about this new way of working. A Happy Team is very important.
Our coaches provide recommendations and next steps toward empowering the team towards continued improvement and professional fulfillment.

Next Steps

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