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Is your competition trying to eat your lunch?

Or are you responsible for positioning your firm to challenge the leaders in your industry?

Computer software is playing a larger role every year for industry leaders in competitive markets. Many companies are sponsoring custom software projects to implement a strategy for competitive advantage, and many end up disappointed.

Depending on whom you ask as many as 51% of the sponsored projects fail
to meet their goals/intent.

(Standish Group, Chaos Reports & Project Management Institute)

  • Has your firm successfully adopted an Evidence-Based Management culture?
  • Do your product development teams have experience with Agile?
  • Is your company philosophy at odds with agile core values?
  • Do you have Senior Leadership support to embrace agile core values?
  • Is there external pressure to continue following waterfall processes?
  • Is there organizational support for a cultural transformation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions but desire to improve your ability
to deliver business value, Agile-ity can help you cross this chasm with our
training & service offering.

John Gillespie, a recovering PMP, has been focused on helping financial services firms make this cultural leap for the past ten years at many banking and insurance organizations.

Some of which include; JP Morgan-Chase, BNY-Mellon, Bank of America, Met-Life, Neuberger-Berman Wealth Managers, The Hartford and Beazley Insurance.

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